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4 Walks in 4 Days? Challenge Accepted

It feels good to be lost in the right direction – unknown

What better way to enjoy summer in Tasmania, than to get out and explore what nature has to offer!

If you’re stuck trying to think of hikes in this beautiful state (which you shouldn’t be as there as so many!), then here are four short walks you can complete in four days.

Day 1:

First and foremost is Collins Cap. Just outside of Collinsvale it takes 30 minutes to reach by car. Take the Brooker Highway from Hobart exiting at the Berriedale turn off. It is then 8km along Collinsvale Road, turning left at Springdale Road. Keep going for approximately 2km and then take a left turn at Myrtle Forest Road.
My partner and I got lost and I think we ended up starting the trail after going through private property, there were a lot of threatening signs to keep out – I recommend turning back and looking for the correct path if you end up in the wrong spot!

The walk itself is pretty steep and approximately 4 hours return – if you walk like me. It totals 5km in distance and can probably be completed in 3-3.5 hours return. Having said that, it was a fairly easy walk in terms of the path, just  be prepared for a lot of uphill!

The view at the top is well worth the hike as it displays panoramic views of the Derwent Valley stretching as far as the eye can see.

I nearly got blown away standing up the top!


Day 2: 

Next up is Mt Direction, and keeping with the trend we got lost again and walked up Mt Wrong Direction. The track is actually really hard to find as it is not signed. First off, take a short drive from Hobart and head to Risdon Brook Dam. Head along the Brooker Highway towards Glenorchy, turn right near Elwick Racecourse and over the Bowen Bridge. Continue on East Derwent Highway until you reach the Roundabout and take the first exit. To your left will be the entrance to the Dam, drive along to the car park.

Start the loop around the dam clockwise, after you walk along the bridge keep an eye out for the first slight bend and from here you’ll see a park bench, behind the park bench is a little gate. Stick to the right hand trail and that leads up to Mt Direction. (Don’t be like us and get halfway around the dam, find a random gate and take a stab at the track. It led us to the top of a fire trail and nothing in particular).

My face when we reached the top of the wrong mountain 🙁

Once on the correct path to Mt Direction, it is an extremely steep climb. At many points I threw a tanty and wanted to give up, but Mark made me persevere and man it was worth it! I wish I had more photos of the actual walk, but I think I was too busy trying to preserve energy just for walking. The walk is approximately 3.5 hours and mostly uphill with few flats.


Views over the Derwent and Glenorchy

My face when we walk up the right mountain 🙂

Day 3:

This day was probably one of my favourite walks in Tasmania. We had beautiful weather, a beautiful outlook 360 degrees, and this is also where Mark and I were realising we may want to be more than just friends.

Arm End Circuit

Arm End Circuit is an easy grade, flat walk the entire way around the loop. It supposedly takes 2 hours to do the loop and is a 6km walk, but that’s only if you do it with your eyes shut. We spent a good 4 hours just admiring how beautiful it was, stopping every second to take photos.

To get there, drive from Hobart over the Tasman Bridge and keep on the road to the airport. After about 6km take the Mornington/Rokeby/Warrane exit and merge onto the B33. Drive for just under 30km through Rokeby and Lauderdale to reach South Arm. Continue on through Opossum Bay and onto Spitfarm Road. At the end of this road you’ll find the start of the circuit.

Taking the trail anti-clockwise brings you firstly to a beautiful, isolated beach. The views out to the east show Bruny Island.

Continuing along you will find a Spit, do not head down to the spit as it is a breeding spot for birds, and is forbidden by the council.

View of the Spit

Majestic tree

It was such a flat walk, I took my backpack to practice carrying heavy weight on my back for several hours, I feel like this is the perfect place to train.

Beautiful day for a beautiful walk

Heading around the loop the West provides views of Kingston

One of the best things about the walk are the endless opportunities to just take a break and enjoy this beautiful state. It truly left me in awe that I get to call this amazing place home.

There are plenty of spots to just stop and enjoy nature

Day 4:

This last walk was nice and close to home and provides amazing views over Hobart.
Lost World on Mount Wellington (Kunanyi ) is a medium grade walk which can take 45 minutes – an hour. There is a bit of rock hopping involved so bring sturdy shoes.

From Hobart head along Davey Street (towards the mountain obviously) for about 6km and turn right at Pinnacle Road. Head towards the summit and after 9km there’ll be a big hairpin bend just before the summit and a tiny car park located on the left hand side. Cross over the road from the car park and you will find the Lost World track (which isn’t so much a track) with rock hopping and navigating through the trees. Once you reach the plateau you will be rewarded with exceptional views of Hobart and the Derwent River below.

Lost World boasts views of Mount Wellington summit:

As well as spectacular views across the Derwent:

Getting lost in this world is truly magical.

So why not take up the challenge? Complete these 4 short walks in 4 days, providing a range of different views of Greater Hobart!


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