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Started from the bottom

Take only memories, leave only footprints. – Chief Seattle

Today was a bit of a change of pace. After a quiet day in of getting to know my new twin baby cousins, playing at the baby gym and in the park, and then going out to dinner with my relatives, today really slapped me into shape! As I write this I can still feel the burning in my calves and the pulsing in my thighs. As my neck craned back to see what was ahead I knew this was going to hurt. Before you start conjuring up the wrong impression, I faced a 10km return walk.

See that U-shaped thing? I'm headed towards that.

See that U-shaped thing? I’m headed towards that.

It was all uphill, in humid Hong Kong heat, with my hair out – cue sticky neck time. So even though I’m in pain, it certainly was worth the view at the top. I walked to The Peak, and then onto a lookout where I endured about a ten minute heavy downpour. It was good because the rain washed away any trace of my   perspiration.

Hong Kong city

Hong Kong city

With Drake spurring me on, I was able to reach the top and say “started from the bottom now we’re here.”

Just to walk back down again…

The Peak

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    1. Elisa Post author

      An architectural icon! It’s one of the highest points in Hong Kong, 360 views. It has restaurants and shopping and entertainment.

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