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We salute you – AC/DC

Oh hei Melbourne.
I needed a little weekend getaway, because who doesn’t need to escape the stress every now and then?

Firstly, it is 100% mandatory that you visit this little bar.

Tropicana Juice Bar

Tropicana Juice Bar

It is my favourite and I go there every time because who doesn’t want a super yummy juice. Also they do a good breakfast, and lunch, and everything else really.

This amazing wall art is located on a street just off Spencer St, a couple hundred metres up from Southern Cross Station.


It’s right on the corner so if you’re heading down the street from Best Western Atlantis it’s like BAM in front of you. A local painted it of his grandparents who live in Tasmania. It’s incredible.

Heading down to South Bank is always a good idea. If you think big cities can be beautiful, this one is definitely picturesque.


I love the old mixing in with the new

20160703_140424 20160703_135851

One of my new favourite places to eat n Melbourne is Universal, in Lygon Street. They do a pretty banging job. It’s up there with +39 Pizzeria, and beats Cafe Andiamo (an old flame).

Universal - Italian cuisine

Universal – Italian cuisine

If you’re too broke to go to Paris, you can always visit this mini Eiffel Tower opposite Federation Square.


Arts Centre

Or just stand and look at the pretty lights.



Fed Square

And if you’re into rock, then you have to check out AC/DC Laneway! (and the other grafitti lanes nearby).

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