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Italia di nuovo

“Life is short, find out what makes you happy and go there” – unknown

Once again I find myself in the land of pizza and pasta. After a not very pleasant job last year I decided to treat myself to summer in Italy.


I’ve realised I wouldn’t fair very well as a travel blogger considering it has been almost two weeks since I left and I haven’t found the time/been too tired /didn’t have wifi to update this.

After 30 hours since leaving home I find myself greeted by the familiar and welcoming faces of my relatives, who are excited to have me back. I was presented with gorgeous flowers on my arrival and lots of hugs and kisses.

After adjusting to the language once more I settled into what I think of my second home. The birthplace of my Nonno.

The first few days involved lots of talking, food, and especially Gelato! They don’t seem to understand when I say that lactose doesn’t agree with me, but when in Rome, hey? Or in this case Treviso…

After only a few days in the beautiful mountain region, I stupidly made the decision to head down south… The one place Nonno told me never to go ?


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