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Lan Kwai Fong

Don’t be scared to walk alone, don’t be scared to like it. – John Mayer

Didn’t take this advice and got scared. But not from walking alone, that has been amazing. Solo wandering has opened up my eyes to all new adventures, feelings of independence, and reassurance that I can do it!

The last two days have been full on crazy, my feet ache and suffering mal de debarquement – but that’s the next post.

The beginning

The beginning 

My night of amazing adventure started on this ferris wheel. Where I got to view Hong Kong’s spectacular skyline at night and witness a psychedelic light show on the buildings. From there I let myself be pulled into the point of no return. If you don’t like scary images, turn away now. Or maybe before this line because the picture is right here… Oops.

Damn girl

Damn girl

Well hello Hong Kong! What a show you put on last night, despite it taking me 90 minutes to descend into this hell. With crowd control in place due to Lan Kwai Fong being at capacity, all the pedestrian traffic was diverted and I found myself circling for hours. I then met two young university graduates, both from Hong Kong who kindly let me join them and then spent many hours sharing their culture, drinking and taking photos with me. Remember at the start I mentioned I got scared? Here’s why:

This dude screamed in my ear while grabbing me in the side

This dude screamed in my ear while grabbing me in the side. 

I talked to so many people and saw so many great costumes that I was converted to a Halloween ‘appreciater’ – just for one night.

A very poor quality example of what I dealt with all night

A very poor quality example of what I dealt with all night. 

I’m glad Hong Kong is the city where my first true solo adventures began (I’ve travelled solo in Italy before, but I had been to the places previously with family and I speak the language). The people here have always been willing to help, and even though I had a couple drinks I was cautious to keep my wits about me, but I had nothing to worry about. I stupidly had a moment of panic when two guys approached me to “talk” – and as it turns out they did just want to talk. My mind feels heavy with the burden of guilt that I assumed they may have had ulterior motives. These two men bought me a bottle of water, hailed a taxi in a crowded street, opened the door and wished me a lovely evening. What an amazing night.

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