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New Zealand – Day 4

Oh the places you’ll go – Dr. Seuss

Day 4 wasn’t too bad! We were still blocked off from the mountain due to snowfall. Which was good for me because I was supposed to have a couple days doing nothing while Mark went snowboarding. It was just bad for him. Oh well.

Lookout over Taupo

Lookout over Taupo

So we took a bit (a lot) of a detour and headed to Lake Taupo (pronounced toe-poor). I fell totally in love with it, would have spent at least two more days there, sadly it wasn’t an option because the entire holiday was pre-booked. This destination is probably best in the warmer months.

First up, we checked out Craters of the Moon, it was bloody freezing the day we went. Although there are endless steam vents and mud pools, you can not go warm yourself up in them because it equal death. It was a super cheap geothermal park, with the entry being only $8.


Things got pretty steamy while we were there 😉


Here is an example of a thing you cannot bathe in:


There are, however, mud pools in Rotorua you can bathe in. We did not do this. I was sad.

Next we explored the lake on the cutest little steam boat:


I highly recommend this Ernst Kemp tour. We got right up close and personal with some amazing Maori carvings that a dedicated grandson completed after his grandma forced him to leave some kind of legacy behind:


The tour cost $80 for two people. I have more photos but they are on my camera. It was seriously amazing though.

This was a pretty short day due to the amount of driving and trying to figure out whether or not we could get to our accommodation. The roads were still closed, so we had an early dinner and thought about what to do. Around 5:30pm we noticed that one road was now open and we could get to Mt Ruapehu. So we had a very scary drive in the dark on icy/wet roads.

We lived though – obviously.


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