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New Zealand – Day 5

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes … including you – Anne Lamott

Day 5 was my nothing day. We were staying in a really shit hotel at Mt Ruapehu called Distinction, The Park Hotel. Literally would not recommend or stay there again if you paid me. It’s really meant as just a stay over for those who go skiing. Crappy room, impractical bathroom, freezing due to only having a tiny plug in heater. Paper thin walls, I couldn’t sleep one night due to conversation occurring in the room above us. I could hear every word – at some points I felt I could actually join in. I was ready to spit chips when I could hear people peeing in the toilet as if they were next to me.

The car park itself was incredibly dangerous and each day we heard the joys of people getting stuck on the ice and wheels spinning to no avail. You’d think the staff would get up early and shovel out the driveway for safety reasons. Our car got so utterly stuck a nice group of men had to come and push us out. The staff saw our struggles but offered no assistance. – As an after-note, I’ve been informed that staff probably couldn’t shovel out the driveway and it might make the situation worse…

At least it was pretty

I was basically trapped at the hotel, as Mark had booked a skiing package while I was in South America – I invited myself on the trip after my accident (but that’s another story) – so I couldn’t go due to injury. I asked the hotel if they offered massages, or if there was something I could get to within walking distance… the answer was no…. The closest thing was a bit under an hour away according to the receptionist, and as I wasn’t on the insurance for the car I felt like this was not the safest option.

Enough negativity, I shall move onto the positives:
The restaurant (despite the price of the buffet). I spent a good 45 minutes in there eating to make the most of my money and also to kill time as I realised I was stranded. I got to eat a looooooooot of food. Piled up my plate too much which was super greedy.

We also had dinner there which was absolutely delicious.

Mark and I now cook a version of this all the time. So yummy. Beef and crunchy noodles with feta salad

Then I went outside and took photos on the street, and after that returned to my room to watch TV for the rest of the day. I used up the limited free wifi rather diligently, so proceeded to use my boyfriend’s wifi pass as well. There was an outdoor tiny spa, but it was mostly taken up by families and I didn’t fancy sharing.

My boyfriend returned earlier than expected from skiing as he got wiped out, so we went for a drive and admired the pretty snow 🙂

Chilling with Mt Doom.

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