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Pub Street

The best nights are usually unplanned, random and spontaneous. – unknown.

Mum, Dad, Pa and any other family members –  Judy this includes you! Please stop reading now. I’m going to get in trouble for this post.

So Wednesday was just another day in the school office, nothing exciting to report. I got through some filing, more website correcting, got photos of students for their ID cards etc. Then I came home late after staying back to get work done. I decided to head upstairs in my Guesthouse and just chill out. I saw a guy sitting by himself, and I thought this could be my chance to make a friend! But then I got too scared to talk to him, plus he smoked. And then 2 of his friends came out to join him and I realised he wasn’t flying solo like myself! So I ordered a fruit shake and then just judged everyone while drinking it. My good friend and also the owner Nini came up and had a chat to me, and then introduced me to a British man who was quite happy to talk a lot. He also smokes. And then an Italian woman came along to join him, and she also smokes. So even though it was nice to have people to talk to, I was longing for clean air. We all bonded over a green pumpkin which the not actually alone guy joined in being fascinated about. Then he and his two friends stood up to leave, he just looks at me and says “do you want to come with us?”, I decided, why not! If I had bothered to realise it was already after 10pm I would have said no because of my early start. So I headed off with two Germans, Felix and Chris, and an American lady named Tara. They said they would pop out to pub street for a quiet drink and then come back.



Well, a cocktail, two buckets of vodka redbull and dancing in the street with randoms later, it obviously wasn’t a quiet night! I had a lot of fun talking with them, watching a young Khmer girl dance in the street showing up all the tourists, and viewing a streets magic show. We sat at Temple Club which I quite enjoyed, I preferred it to Angkor What?! Tara and Chris left, and Felix and I made a new Californian friend and headed to the Hip Hop club! It was so much more exciting this time, with people to dance with it was so packed. They also don’t allow alcohol on the dance floor which is great. Wish that would happen back home. First time I’ve returned from a club without being covered in alcohol and having to remove glass from my shoes!

The club is frequented only by Cambodians

The club is frequented only by Cambodians.

Selfies in clubs are always quality photos

Selfies in clubs are always quality photos.

About 2:30am we finally stumbled back into the Guesthouse who’d already shut their gates and we had to climb over and try really hard to be quiet whilst most likely waking everyone up. I then went to bed with a very spinning head (shh mum, I know you’re still reading). It was at that point I went ahh crap, I have to be up for school in 5 hours.

That morning I woke up at 6:30 still drunk (sorry), and was beside myself with the fact there was no maccas. Luckily my Guesthouse does hot chips for breakfast. Hallelujah! Luckily again I got to work in the office under a fan.

I’d do it all again.



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  1. Judith Carswell

    Dont know why i wasnt supposed to read the smokers perhaps and you could be turning into your fathers daughter!!

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