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School update reflection

Another update on the school, Friday Fun Day probably wasn’t that fun for the kids. I started with doing dictation and conversations. It surprised me the complete difference between the two classes. They both have quite low levels of comprehension I discovered from the activity I did, but the evening class (all girls) work so much quicker.

The morning class took the full hour to do 7 sentences and draw picture about what the sentences mean. There was a lot of growling on my part to get the kids to do the right thing. One girl also got in trouble because she got another girl to do her work. I made her stay in until she had finished all her sentences. I did feel bad and told her she could go to break, but she knew she was in the wrong and stayed in until she was finished.

I also had to separate one boy from the group who just refuses to listen to me. Again, I think the students are just pushing the boundaries because they don’t really know me. We also played a “game” of a spelling test. Two students would come to the board and race to spell a word. It amazed me how poor their spelling actually was, so I think I might do more spelling tests (not this game version). I didn’t get around to having one one one conversations with the students because they were too slow.

The evening class raced through the work in like 20 minutes or less. So we had one on one conversations with them. General, what is your name, how old are you, and then how are you feeling, as we have been working on feelings. They were able to answer these ok (although everyone chose “I am feeling happy”), the trouble was when I asked them they question “why?” they really struggle at articulating reasons to a response. I’m really not sure how to tackle this. Maybe I could write responses on the board and ask the students as a class for reasons to that response. The biggest issue with these students is they know words, but they don’t know words in context. I really want to work on that.

Situations like these really emphasise how little my degree actually teaches me about teaching. It’s ridiculous.

That’s it for my reflections this week Jo!

p.s I got a tummy bug and missed today’s classes (Monday the 16th).

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