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School update

Just to keep my teacher happy I’ll do a quick update about my time at the school.

I’m volunteering at Smiling Hearts Association for Children,  which I believe for anyone who is interested in volunteering,  is a great place to start. I think I previously mentioned the director, Aly relies solely on the generosity of others to stay operational. She does a brilliant job on her own and the children are wonderful.

I’ve been helping out in the office mostly since I’ve been here, paper work and assisting with the website and whatever. I also donated money to keep the website afloat since it has a yearly fee of US$50. I’ve enjoyed helping out, because I genuinely do feel like I’m helping. I’ve been trying hard to come up with fund raising ideas. I’d like to look into crowd funding but currently PayPal is restricted here. I might try and set it up when I get home if I believe it is worthwhile, I’m still researching.

I’ve spent a little bit of time in the classroom, and although the children are much more respectful than a lot of Australian children I’ve dealt with, they do have trouble listening. At first I thought it was a comprehension issue, but I’ve come to realise they use their “lack of understanding” to their advantage and pretend they don’t understand if they don’t want to do something. I’ve learnt a couple names already and they are the ones who I constantly have to remind to stay on task.

I’ll be taking a lesson tomorrow, which will be good because it is Friday Fun Day! I’m going to start off with sentence dictation, and then I have a couple of games likes Simon Says, Hangman, and Splat. I was told about a numerical game but I think that’s too hard at this stage, it’s called 11 if anyone is interested but I can’t be bothered explaining it.

This post has no photos for two reasons, one is because I wouldn’t take pictures of kids in a school back home so why would I do it here, and two is because the director doesn’t allow it anyway except for school purposes and on the last day with your

This post has no quote for one reason – I’m tired.

I’ll try and keep more up to date with this as it is now midnight and I have two days to catch up on. Oops.

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