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Don’t go chasing waterfalls – TLC

Jumping in the car again, another great spot to stop is Lake Plimsoll. We walked right down to the lake and it was so serene. I’ve heard there is also a lookout you can reach which overlooks the entire lake boasting magnificent views.

Unfortunately the day we went was pretty overcast and dreary, so there are no photos to represent how amazing it actually is.


The road is pretty deserted as well, so we took some naughty shots!


Queenstown is an old mining town in Tasmania. It is often referred to as the gateway to the West Coast. Once a booming town in the 1900s and the richest mining town in the world, now remains a handful of locals – around 2,000. Queenstown is surrounded by impressive mountains, which are now stripped bare due to the mining era. However, mother nature is returning slowly, and the landscape is quite impressive. It is 260km from Hobart.

There is a great lookout only a short drive from the town’s centre which looks down into a mine known as Iron Blow at Gormanston Hill. Look for signs as you come off the Lyell Highway. The water there is a brilliant turquoise due to contamination from minerals during the mining days.

We were lucky enough to meet a pair who had a drone, and we overlooked kilometres of stripped mines and shafts and honestly, the birds-eye view was breathtaking.

On the opposite side of the road to the turnoff to the lookout is a track heading up to Horse Tail Falls. It is recently revamped so it’s all boarded and has a rail going all the way up the side. It also looks out over the Queenstown “hollywood” sign.

As there hadn’t been much rain, there was nothing really to see in the way of falls…

The roads around here were also pretty deserted, so I got to sneak in another naughty shot:

In Queenstown itself there are a few local pubs, eateries, supermarkets and obviously petrol stations to refuel. It’s a good little stop for a night. The buildings here are quaint, and I enjoyed the architecture.

Queenstown is home to the West Coast Wilderness Railway experience. I’m sure it would be well worth it, but the cost was slightly high for us. It runs along a historic 35km track between Queenstown and Strahan. Although we didn’t visit Strahan this trip, I have been before and would not recommend skipping it! Definitely a must see village.

We came across a house that had sadly been burnt to the ground. For some reason I found it slightly humorous that the only thing left standing was the toilet!

From here, we travelled to our next destination which is Waratah. We rented an AirBnB for the night, and got to explore the nice little town. There is not much to see here, but it’s a nice, tranquil getaway – can you feel the serenity?

In Waratah there are also some falls to check out, it had rained slightly during our drive there so it was spouting a bit of water for us.

The town was super quaint and easy to walk around. They even had a marked trail you could follow with signs telling you about each spot you stopped at.

There is also a little lake where locals say platypus are easy to spot. Unfortunately the only one we saw was wooden.

The post office is for sale if anyone is interested!

We really enjoyed our overnight in Waratah. There was a light drizzle the entire time we were there, and one night is probably enough. But it would have been nice to have a picnic in the park, or to go for a further walk as you can visit more waterfalls or do a circuit of the town.



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