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Three travel essentials


With a mere 24 countries under my belt, and a head full of dreams to achieve a lot more in the coming years, I have developed what I consider to be my top 3 travel must-haves.

My favourite purchase, and quickly an item I don’t think I’ll ever be able to travel without again, is the She-Wee. Ladies, if you’re reading this and planning to visit a developing country – or even just going hiking – this item is essential! It has been my life-saver in Asia when at times I’ve struggled to find a clean toilet or to overcome my fear of squat toilets! Ever dreamed of the male luxury to pee whenever and wherever? This little gadget with it’s compact travel case enables dreams to come true. On a hike and can’t find a decent bush but there’s a tall tree that you can stand behind? This device is simple, you just attach the extension tube to the end of the funnel, sit the cup between your legs – aim and fire! You’re able to do this standing up to avoid having your pants accidentally get dirty on the ground, or perhaps needing to squat over an ants nest!
My favourite use for this was on the sleeper trains in Vietnam. I struggled to be able to hover over the toilet bowl while keeping my balance – so out came the she-wee and I could plant both feet firmly on the ground while finding relief. It is the ultimate urinating device – and comes in a range of colours!

The next best thing I have found are sleep sheets! These are also known as sleeping bag liners and they are a saviour if you find yourself in a questionable hostel/hotel. I am the type of person who travels with my own pillow case for fear of putting my face on a dirty pillow. Again, these were amazing on the sleeper trains, I didn’t have to worry about whether I was being provided with a clean blanket/pillow and it didn’t matter they forgot to provide me with a sheet to place over the base of the bed (which happened). I simply pulled out my silk liner – which fits easily into a little pouch making it lightweight and compact – place the pillow inside the slip attached, and wriggle in for the night. If I’m cold, I can always put the blanket on top pf this and it won’t matter if it isn’t fresh! What was even more amazing is I found out you could purchase single or double size, so I got both. One for me on solo travels, and one to share with my boyfriend! I was conscious of it being hot in Vietnam and worried we might be trapped in this tiny case pushed up against each other (although that’s not so bad is it?) but there was plenty of room insider the double liner that we both slept quite comfortably inside it! It was a god-send when we found ourselves in a hostel that had blood on the walls of the bathroom and blood on the sheets?!!!



Last, but not least, is my handy travel converter app! I am the first to admit that my mathematical skills leave much to be desired. So if you’re like me and struggle to do quick conversions in your head then I highly recommend the Easy Currency Converter app found on Google Play Store. I’ve been using it for years and it constantly updates to keep up with the forever changing exchange rates. So if you’re feeling confused whether the item with a lot of zeros at the end is actually expensive, whip this app out. It also helps when you’re bartering at markets because as soon as you take out your phone – they start to drop the price ready to negotiate. You can choose from a list of just about every currency, it’s easy to switch between currencies, and you can highlight your favourites to use!


These are just a few of the things I use to enhance my travel experiences – and definitely three things I will never get on the plane without!

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